Remote Year Ohana Month 8 Cordoba, Argentina and side trips

Cordoba was the second month in Argentina, and perhaps partly due to it being 5 weeks instead of 4 it feels like so much has happened. I took 3 side trips - Mendoza and Salta in Argentina, and Santiago on the way to Lima. Argentina continues to amaze me with its natural beauty, diversity of landscape, food, and people. This article summarizes the top sights really well and I feel proud to have been to many of them.

Besides the side trips, I gave a personal finance presentation with another fellow Ohana, Jill, at the La Maquinita co-working space and hosted a wine tasting night with another Ohana, Joanna. Both events went really well and they became one of the final pieces of the puzzle I needed to formulate my idea of what my own program and workshop would look like. I continue to be amazed at the tremendous opportunities I get from Remote Year, allowing me to test my ideas and collaborate with other talented people in the group. I'm really grateful to have stayed in the program and to have put more of myself into it, and only then was I able to enjoy and benefit from all the amazingness of the program.

I was pleasantly surprised to get my own apartment again in Cordoba. It's a one-bedroom with a proper separation between living room and bedroom, which was very nice. The first Sunday after we got there we had the city preview in the La Maquinita co-working space which overlooks a beautiful square and a church, a view I never got sick of the month I was there.

Mendoza: Two days after I got to Cordoba I got on a flight again to head to Mendoza, Argentina's wine country, to meet up with Susanna. Mendoza turned out to be one of my favorite wine regions in the world, with amazing wine and food at a fraction of the price as many other wine regions, which made me love Argentina even more.

We had some amazing meals. The lunch on the second day was a 7-course wine-pairing lunch at Clos de Chacras. For that quality of food and wine I would've easily had to pay a few hundred dollars in Singapore or the US, there it was $35! I couldn't believe it. All the dishes were amazing and so were the wine.

Next morning, Jill surprised us with her last minute visit for 2 days. We got an awesome driver Santiago to drive us around for the day to three wineries. My favorite was the first one, Bodega Renacer.